Industry Memberships

Masterpet adheres to stringent manufacturing practices, endorsed by the Pet Food Industry Association of Australia (PFIAA) and the New Zealand Pet Food Manufacturer’s Association (NZPFMA). These organisations uphold and advocate for the highest standards of pet food production and support regulation of the manufacture and marketing of quality pet nutrition. As members we actively promote and help improve standards of excellence and remain accountable to our product safety and quality. We meet the Australian Standard 5812:2017 Manufacturing and marketing of pet food, which has been developed through Standards Australia with representatives from state and federal government departments (DAWE), the Australian Veterinary Association, the RSPCA, Joint Accreditation System of Australia and New Zealand and the PFIAA.



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Supply Chain Management

Building trust with our stakeholders by doing what's right is core to our business. We form strong partnerships with suppliers who uphold ethical practices and demonstrate behaviours in line with our principles.

In general, risks of modern slavery in our supply chain is relatively low, however it is important we mitigate risk. In October 2020 our parent company, EBOS Group, released the first Group-wide Modern Slavery Statement, which refers to situations of exploitation including forced labour and child labour, in compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2018.

Although formulated in response to the Australian legislation, the statement applies to EBOS as a whole, including our operations in New Zealand. We have adopted a risk-based approach to guide us in developing our strategy to establishing appropriate due diligence and remediation processes, such as obtaining warranties from suppliers that the production and supply of their products does not contravene modern slavery laws and updating our standard form contracts to incorporate modern slavery clauses.



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